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Writing Services
I need a script written
Script development is invoiced separately - learn more here
You may have a good script, but professional editing can streamline it for this type of media - learn more here',
Please see the gallery for examples of different styles.
(Please note: the figures below are full business days (excluding weekends and holidays) and do not take into account client-side delays)
Standard: 5 days per storyboard draft and 5 days for filming/editing.
Fast: 3 days per storyboard draft, and 3 days for filming/editing.
Rush: 1 day per storyboard draft, and 2 days for filming/editing.
Allow Draw4.Us credit
Need music bed
Need voiceover
'Receive a discount if you allow the text *Video by Draw4.Us* to appear in the lower-right corner for the last 5 seconds of your video.
There are lots of options at smartsound.com
Narrators can be found here